Farm Employer Education & Legal Defense Services (FEELDS)
Farm Employer Education & Legal Defense Services (FEELDS)

FEELDS stands for Oregon Farm Bureau’s Farm Employer Education & Legal Defense Service. It’s a member-service program for Oregon Farm Bureau members. For only $66.25 per month, FEELDS helps you keep up with the frequently changing state and federal regulations. It helps you identify your business strengths and areas that might need some extra attention. FEELDS also provides you with a helping hand so you can be sure you are managing your employment situations correctly.

The program offers FEELDS members unlimited access to our nationally certified agricultural Human Resource Management consultant, Roberta Gruber, who has worked exclusively with agricultural employers for almost 20 years. As a FEELDS member, Roberta will visit with you (free) to help you with your employee concerns and help you put practical and effective solutions to work to save you money and avoid problems.

Another valuable service is the FEELDS legal defense service if you need an attorney to defend you in an employment related lawsuit or against demand letters relating to your agricultural employees. No more “litigate or settle” decisions based on economics instead of the merits of your case.

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Contact: Ag Human Resource Consultant, FEELDS Director Roberta Gruber

Hot tips for 2013

> The US Dept. of Labor has updated the federal Family Medical Leave Act to include veterans of the US MilitaryAlong with this update is a new POSTER! Be sure to print the new poster to put up at your farm.

>The U.S. Dept. of Justice has an office (called the Office of Special Counsel or OSC) whose primary purpose is to find employers who make these immigration-related mistakes. Read about the open cases against employers.

>The Office of Special Counsel for Immigration-Related Unfair Employment Practices (OSC) has released a new educational video to remind employers that they should not re-verify the employment authorization of lawful permanent resident workers when their Permanent Resident cards expire.  OSC’s new video illustrates that this practice is not permissible and may lead to a violation of the anti-discrimination provision.



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