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Oregon Farm Bureau Policy Book

At the state level, Oregon Farm Bureau is guided by the OFB Policy Book, a list of the organization’s official positions on topics ranging from water to wildlife, labor to land use. The policy book is what guides OFB staff and volunteer leaders in their advocacy work in the state and national legislature, within regulatory agencies, and in the courts.

If a County Farm Bureau has an issue that’s missing from the policy book, it has an opportunity to present it at the OFB Annual Meeting, held every December. At this gathering, representatives from all County Farm Bureaus discuss and vote upon additions, edits, or deletions to OFB policy.

The OFB Policy Book is not a stagnant document; it is reviewed and revised annually to best meet the needs of Oregon’s diverse, constantly evolving agriculture community.

2024 Oregon Farm Bureau Policy Book 
2022 American Farm Bureau Federation Policy Book 

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