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Lead Field Applicator - Forest Hill Farms

Title: Lead Field Applicator

Summary: This position consists of overseeing and assuring completion of some of the most critical operations on the farm, including but not limited to fertilizer and chemical application, basic irrigation tasks, tractor work (cultivation, harvest, etc.), and product delivery.

Status: Non-Exempt, Full-Time, Year-round

Reports to: President, Shop Foreman

Essential Functions:

• Application of fertilizers, pesticides, and growth regulators on row crops.

• Preparing fields for new plantings.

o Carrying out said plantings.

• Work with Shop Foreman to assure equipment is clean and in good working condition.

• Assisting with irrigation activities.

• Carry out work orders provided by management and effectively communicate work order details upon completion. o Utilize company’s farm management software system to track labor (hourly work, sprays, etc.)

• Loading and delivering harvested products (not limited to row crops)

• Assisting with duties in fruit crops as needed.


• 5+ years of experience in agriculture required.

• 3+ years operating farm equipment required

• Truck driving experience preferred.

o Willingness to get CDL preferred.

• Ability to identify and fix basic mechanical issues.

• Ability to problem solve in high stress environments.

• Ability to work well with others.

• Effective communication skills.

o Bilingual preferred.

• Ability to follow directions and carry out instructions.

• Must be willing and able to work extended hours during peak times of the year.

Starting Pay: $26.00-$31.00 (Experience dependent)

Contact: Nick Konen

To apply, please send your resume to

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