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Updated: Jan 4

Farm Shop Mechanic Job Description_01.04.2024
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Position: Farm Shop Mechanic

Department: Equipment and Facilities

Reports To: Maintenance Manager

Date: 01/04/2024

Job Summary:

The Farm Shop Mechanic will determine the best course of action in procuring the parts needed to repair all farm vehicles, equipment, and tractors. The FSM will also service vehicles, equipment, and tractors as needed while maintaining a clean and safe work environment.

Key Responsibilities:

1. Diagnosis and repairs of electrical, fuel, and mechanical problems on light trucks, heavy trucks, and tractors

2. Repair and replacement of clutches, engines, drive trains, brakes, hydraulic, exhaust and other vehicle systems.

3. Service equipment as needed including changing oils, filters, tires, lights, and greasing.

4. Change and repair flat tires.

5. Proper torquing of nuts and bolts to specifications on repairs

6. Working with Maintenance team and Parts Specialist in obtaining parts and services from suppliers

7. Welding and fabrication as needed.

8. Help maintain a safe work environment by dumping trash, organizing, and shelving parts properly, and maintaining clean work areas.

9. FSM will also be required to maintain shop tools and keep account of personal tools and company shop tools.

10. Outside service calls on irrigation equipment, tractors, trucks, and other farm equipment as needed.

11. Maintain accurate record of repairs and services performed (work orders) and manage invoices.

12. Attend monthly safety meetings.

13. Quality Control of work completed.

Requirements for Job:

1. Ability to lift heavy objects properly.

2. Ability to communicate with other employees, supervisors, and vendors.

3. Knowledge of machines and their systems: engine, electrical, braking, exhaust etc.

4. Valid Driver’s license

5. Ability to work independently.

6. Punctual; report to work on time and prepared.

7. Must have own tools.


1. Agriculture Shop: 1 year (Preferred but not required)

2. Truck and Tractor Repair: 1 year (Required)


1. DOE

2. Full Time/ 40 hours per week Monday – Friday,

3. Overtime and Weekends as needed.

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