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OFB President Angi Bailey Elected to American Farm Bureau Board of Directors

Updated: May 29

Last month, Angi Bailey, President of the Oregon Farm Bureau Federation, was elected to the American Farm Bureau Federation (AFBF) Board of Directors for the Western Region. Bailey's election is notable not only for the voice it gives to Western agricultural concerns but also because it marks the first time in eight years that Oregon has had representation on the AFBF board. This seat was previously held by past OFBF President Barry Bushue.

Bailey's election is also substantial as she is the first woman from the OFBF to be elected to the AFBF board.

"With the depth and breadth of challenges facing Oregon farmers and ranchers, including issues surrounding ag labor, the farm bill, water and drought, and livestock predation just to name a few, this board seat secures Oregon and the West a voice at the table and gives us a national platform to highlight the unique challenges we face,” OFBF President Bailey said. “I will never take this responsibility lightly. I look forward to advocating for Oregon, and the rest of the West, in this new and exciting way.”

The support and enthusiasm from fellow OFBF Board members, such as Matthew Brady, who commended Bailey's knowledge and passion reflect the collective optimism within the agricultural community about the positive impact her role on the board will bring. Bailey's achievement is not just a personal success but a win for the broader agricultural community in the Western Region, promising a stronger voice and representation in national agricultural policy discussions.

Congratulations President Bailey!

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