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2023 Oregon Farm Dog of the Year Announced

It comes as no surprise that the role of farm dogs has gained immense recognition. These four-legged companions can play a vital role in assisting producers by showcasing their intelligence, loyalty, and unmatched work ethic.

On June 9th, the inaugural Oregon Farm Dog Invitational, hosted by the Oregon Agriculture

Education Foundation took place at Wooden Shoe Tulip Farm in Woodburn. This event had it all, from "puparazzi" photographers, to a farm dog obstacle course open to all OFB members and supporters. This event not only showcased the bond between farmers, ranchers, and their faithful companions but also celebrated the invaluable contributions of farm dogs to the agricultural community.

The event was hosted by the Oregon Agriculture Education Foundation, who announced the

winner of the 2023 Oregon Farm Dog of the Year. We are pleased to extend our congratulations to "Dog," a 5-year-old border Collie/Drathaar cross. Dog is owned by Cow Creek Ranch owners and Washington County Farm Bureau members Bill and Georgia Lodge. Before the Lodges retired from their ranch, Dog primarily herded trail horses.

Owner Georgia Lodge noted, "she would put them in their stalls and saved us a lot of steps. She may no longer have horses to tend, but Bill still sees that Dog wants to please you."

Dog is adored by the whole family and now enjoys camping, and climbing her favorite tree.

Congratulations to Dog!

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